Monday, January 16, 2017

The bitter taste of a good-bye

Today, one year ago...

Farewells are often very intense moments. Sometimes, they are bittersweet as when the young generations go to study abroad with the idea about finding a better future. However, we will all agree that in a final goodbye, there is a feeling that is stronger than the others. A feeling of sorrow.

But ... is it really always like this? Making our classic trip to the past, we remember how a year ago we said goodbye definitely to an old friend who had accompanied us for years.
If you haven’t guessed it yet, we are talking about Internet Explorer, the browser that came by default in Windows, do you remember it? Last January 12, 2016 was the day agreed to end the maintenance of "the blue e" that stopped having patches for their security holes. Although today is still working, that day was signed it date of death because of the very serious risk that was incurred when you got inside the web without any protection in your browser.

To this farewell, was joined the concern about the holes in the antivirus. In this case the affected company was TrendMicro. One of the researchers from Google's Project Zero discovered critical flaws that forced TrendMicro to an urgent update. These problems allowed a malicious code execution that showed the passwords supposedly saved by the antivirus. Say goodbye to your feeling of being 100% protected!

Who seems to have said a long time ago, goodbye to their privacy are the US citizens. Or at least that what we could take from the Washington Post article. According to the article, if you call 911 to report an assault, they look at a potential violence program of the person you report. This "potential" is generated from reports, commercial data, searches on the deep Web, social networks... In other words, all your personal data. With this information it generate a color code, in which the red color is the most dangerous.

Internet Explorer is a shadow of what was once, relegated to a fourth or fifth place in our preferences to surf the net. We said goodbye and changed it for other options like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or its successor, Microsoft Edge. However, we cannot say that we didn't feel sad for saying it bye. After all, all those who used Windows in the 90s and early 2000s started to surf the net with it. It was the first one that saw us taking the first cyber steps in the network and for that reason many people feel affection and will keep it in the memory. DEP Internet Explorer. 


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