Friday, January 27, 2017

Donald Trump is not the only thing the internauts have to worry about

The best of the week in Cyber Security

No doubt, the news of this week are influenced by Donald Trump´s access to the Presidency of  the United States and his personal way of managing his new responsibilities and attributions, that are changing the World order schemes we were accustomed to. But while Trump  grabs most of the world press headlines, life keeps going on an in cybersecurity sector there have been interesting news and new menaces for companies and users have appeared... and we offer you a curated selection of the most important ones in these lines.

Presidency of The United States has been perfectly showed on the fact that, contrary to Obama complaining for having to leave his old Blackberry due to infosec matters, Trump has decided to keep his old Android smartphone, that is not prepared to manage and protect confidential and sensitive information. 
It would be a rather odd if Trump was the, until now, only accounted victim of a new ransomware app that found its way into Google Play by by mocking al the security controls and setting a dangerous example that can undermine well informed users confidence on the apps downloaded or installed from the most popular digital store.

Maybe, but its unlikely due to the giant corporation background,  it happened because Google is one of these companies that are facing problems to find the right profiles with the necessary security certifications to cover the needs of their IT and infosec departments, being forced to improvise or to outsource such an important service.  

This scenario can pose major challenges for the companies that, like the recent DDoS attack against Lloyds Bank that lasted two days, have to spread their resources to face the attacks of the "dark side" professionals, who are better coordinated, prepared and equipped to fight a digital war against companies, organizations and customers than ever before.

To face this situation, and providing that we don´t believe in miracle solutions,  technological or methodological innovations that eases the fighting of cybercrime are welcome, like the development of  an autonomous system that finds and fixes vulnerabilities in computer systems before cyber criminals exploit them... Something that would never completely replace a well trained professionals team, but can help to save time and resources that can be used to reinforce vulnerable and sensitive areas in any company security systems.

Probably such an advanced technology like this would take a time to be available for the general public, but meanwhile the "internaut in the street" can also take advantage of  some technological improvements, like the fact that Firefox 51 and Chrome 56 have started describing some HTTP connections as insecure,not only to warn the users of the dangers of accessing this webs, but to force service providers and companies to reinforce their webs and servers security.


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