Monday, January 9, 2017

Did you get the "surprise" of the 'Roscón de Reyes'?

Today, one year ago...

There is a tradition in Spain at christmas time that have been doing it for so many years. On the night of the fifth of january, "the three wise men" come from the wild west to bring presents to everyone, expecially kids.

At the next morning, families open the presents together and have a sweet called "Roscon de Reyes" that its looks like a big donut with cream inside. The fun thing about this sweet is that inside there is always a little bean and a little porcelain figurine. If you get the bean you will have to pay the "Roscon de Reyes" but if you get the figurine, then you will have a lucky year.

In the cybersecurity field, we find many times this kind of surprises. Sometimes we accept something with the best wishes and suddenly ... we fall into the trap. We just need to look back a year to realize about this.

What turned out to be a "Roscón de Reyes" that only had beans inside was the EZCast.
This skew created by Google was busy streaming directly from the computer to your TV. The problem is that isn't only allowed that, but also made it easier for any cybercriminal to compromise your home's Wi-Fi network. So, something like if the three wise men gave you you Charcoal because you were a bad kid during the past year (That is also a part of the tradition. If you were a bad kid then you would have coal).

Those who surely received beans were the people of Time Warner. After the attacks on Linode and the security company Cyberoam, the cable company was next on the list. The security breach was filled with more than 300,000 stolen customer data. Despite the data, from the company they declared and swore that the company had not suffered any type of incident.

And like the "Roscón de Reyes", another sweet that comes with surprise is the fortune cookie. In this case, this dessert includes a message inside the cookie that augurs the future, and it can be good or bad. So... well, it seems that by the beginning of 2016 most of the cookies on the network were full of "bad luck". When we found the typical pop-up that encourages us to accept the policy of cookies and click, we would be giving money to cyber criminals. How? By clicking without knowing in an invisible add placed just above this button. Watching the real possibilities of this type of "trick", this is the most innocent use that occurs to us.

If the Three Wise Men brought you a good gift or Charcoal, it's up to you. Looking back over last year, we can see that by the beginning of 2016 there was a lot of more coal than sweets. We found uncompleted homework and have oversights are very expensive. On the other hand, the "Roscón de Reyes" shows us that, however well prepared you are, you can always get the bean and have to bear the brunt of the problems, just like in cybersecurity's world. But it will be always better to be prepared and try to avoid the bean than get the bean and also charcoal. ¿Don't you think?


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