Friday, January 13, 2017

Beware of epidemics

The best of the week in Cyber Security

The country is currently having a flu epidemic. Although during these dates of the year, the data have warned the authorities to don't be alarmed, for every 100,000 inhabitants, 120 got sick because of the virus. In the Community of Madrid has gone too far. They have reduced surgical operations due to the lack of beds.

However, it seems that viruses are not only plaguing the real world, they are also attacking the virtual world. We only need to take a look about what has left us the week to see that the pandemic has expanded to the network.

We started the week with a virus that attacks your Mac when you open the Mail app (because yes, Apple computers are also attacked by malware) With a very simple logic, the malware is distributed through spam mail sent from this two addresses, and How to fix it? Downloading the latest system update. Even so, if you see those directions ... fly, you fools!

Those who will also need a bed to recover from the fright are the users of Magento. According to the Register on Tuesday, e-commerce have been almost two years without patching several vulnerabilities. This irresponsibility affected to more than 6,000 stores that for 18 months could have suffered theft of about 21,000 credit cards. The main affected are the Germans, since 1,000 stores of all the e-commerce affected the German country.

If this seems to us little nothing, here is more, every day we find new viruses and new stuff that make us to be constantly in alert… A perfect example of this would be "Spora", a new variety of ransomware. According to experts, Spora's ransomware appears well-crafted, has a professional website for payment and offers several options for victims who can afford to recover files, to remove malware and to gain immunity from future attacks. Wolves in sheep's clothing.

But not all news are bad news. White cells are always working in favor of the health of the network. On the one hand, earlier this week we found that Google was able to patch a Nexus 6 vulnerability. That security breach compromised all devices when connected to a charger.

On the other hand, Microsoft has also attempted to enhance its cyber security perimeter defenses. Due Patch Tuesday, Bill Gates’ company published four security bulletins and 15 vulnerabilities were solved. What is most incredible is that 12 of those 15 vulnerabilities were found in Adobe Flash.

Winter is a convulsive time for health. Some bodies drop a lot their immunological levels, exposing them to the risk of viruses. In cyber security world it seems to be always Winter, as If we were in A Game of Thrones, and we need to act like Jorah Mormont: without letting down our guard and in eternal vigilance in order to not collapse cyber hospitals with the bereaved. 


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