Monday, January 30, 2017

Humans are a key element of the Internet of Things

A year ago, today...

The term Internet of Things (IoT) has passed in a very short time from being used just by geeks to be used by internet users in regular conversations. Autonomous machines connected to each other making an universe isn't the argument of a novel or a science fiction film anymore. Now it become a daily reality with unstoppable growth. But we shouldn't be worry because there will always be space for humans who want to participate in the process.

Like every single Monday we go on a year ago flashback. Doing this we can take perspective of the things that happend and see how we have grown in the IoT field about cybersecurity issues. There are many cases to highlight on this issue: An alarm that could reveal our wifi passwords, a thermometer that claims to need access to our photo galery, a hospital that plublished the X-rays of the pacients by accidet, but of all of them the one that called our attention the most, was the case of a Washington family whose "baby monitor" was hacked and this was discovered because the three years old kid told the parents that a guy voice was coming from it at nights. 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Donald Trump is not the only thing the internauts have to worry about

The best of the week in Cyber Security

No doubt, the news of this week are influenced by Donald Trump´s access to the Presidency of  the United States and his personal way of managing his new responsibilities and attributions, that are changing the World order schemes we were accustomed to. But while Trump  grabs most of the world press headlines, life keeps going on an in cybersecurity sector there have been interesting news and new menaces for companies and users have appeared... and we offer you a curated selection of the most important ones in these lines.

Presidency of The United States has been perfectly showed on the fact that, contrary to Obama complaining for having to leave his old Blackberry due to infosec matters, Trump has decided to keep his old Android smartphone, that is not prepared to manage and protect confidential and sensitive information. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Too much expenditure in threats for a data that is so sensitive.

The Report of the week

A lot has been written about the advantages and disadvantages of fragmented databases. In major organizations there is no other resolution, if we want to decongest the network traffic. But that need also involve risks and challenges around it insurance to prevent leaks, violations of information or inadequate treatment. 
Business managers trust the systems that they use, but the growing complexity of the organizations is also a way to find more vulnerabilities.

It is one of the most relevant conclusions of the last study by Varonis (Forrester) titled "The Data Security MoneyPitExpense In Depth Hinders Maturity". According to this study , The change from a product-based strategy to a platform-based one is a transformation vector for enterprise data security. "Data security managers hope to improve their ability to respond to security loopholes, reduce costs and complexity", claim Forrester. So, investing in multiple technology solutions is not the solution, because it neither makes the company mature nor does it allow for a "unified security strategy".

Monday, January 23, 2017

Scares in real life are not like in the movies.

A year ago today...

Do you remember 'The Conjuring', 'Ouija' and 'Don't Breathe'? They are only three of the blockbuster horror films of 2016. If they sound like you are a fan of the genre and you do not miss one. And it may be because you are used to be scared, you have an amazing facility to face situations that everyone else would have an alteration in their nervous system. You are in luck if you also work in cybersecurity. Because this is a circuit in which we go from fright to fright.

In our usual throwback to Mondays, we see that the month of January 2016 was not for heart. Beginning with the worldwide crush in Twitter, the microblogging network par excellence, is for many addicts to the 140 characters more or less little the end of the world. It is ironic that the trending topic of January 20 was #TwitterDown, because during the crush it was technically impossible to tweet anything. So it gives us the clue: that's what all the users talked about when the service was recovered. The story gives more than a jocular commentary, because that day the shares of the company fell by no less than 7%. Few jokes fit before a blackout of this caliber, apparently caused by a defective program raised to production.

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Cold Wave

The best of the week in Cyber Security
With How many people have we talked this week about 'The Cold Wave' that is affecting Europe? Imagine the typical elevator conversation in which we meet another person that we don't know. Talking about weather is one of the best solution. Well, we have all seen that during this week the 'Cold Wave' has given more than those three minutes of elevator convertation: it has become the main conversation in public transportation, offices, and friend's meetings." It has snowed in Denia! " On my cell phone marked -5 degrees!"

If we mention the social media networks, current thermometer of what is lived day by day (or second to second) in the streets of the country the  conversations, photos, videos, memes, gifs, and all kinds of are all about the cold wave.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Open doors

The repor of the week

Who has not heard speak our grandparents, ancestors or someone that we know once about that when they were younger they used to leave the door of the houses open at the villages even at nights, without any fear that a stranger would get inside their property? The doors were always open to welcome neighbors who walked in without asking and feeling like it was also their home. Today, in many of these small towns, the houses' door are no longer wide open, and even less in the cities, where sometimes we even don't know who lives next to our door.

This change of trust in people, whether they are known to us or not, has also been reflected in many other areas, such as cybersecurity. We are often writing down and giving our personal data to an internet website, but many times, we forget, something as simple as use a secure password. And being honest, we need to remember that we are not in those villages were many years ago we could leave the door of the house opened.

Monday, January 16, 2017

The bitter taste of a good-bye

Today, one year ago...

Farewells are often very intense moments. Sometimes, they are bittersweet as when the young generations go to study abroad with the idea about finding a better future. However, we will all agree that in a final goodbye, there is a feeling that is stronger than the others. A feeling of sorrow.

But ... is it really always like this? Making our classic trip to the past, we remember how a year ago we said goodbye definitely to an old friend who had accompanied us for years.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Beware of epidemics

The best of the week in Cyber Security

The country is currently having a flu epidemic. Although during these dates of the year, the data have warned the authorities to don't be alarmed, for every 100,000 inhabitants, 120 got sick because of the virus. In the Community of Madrid has gone too far. They have reduced surgical operations due to the lack of beds.

However, it seems that viruses are not only plaguing the real world, they are also attacking the virtual world. We only need to take a look about what has left us the week to see that the pandemic has expanded to the network.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What's going to bring us 2017, Sherlock?

The report of the week

Sherlock Holmes is probably the most famous detective in the fiction field. We saw him in many films, the last one in the BBC series, interpreted by the actor Beneditc Cumberbatch. On January 1st they released their fourth season, having the same success than in previous chapters.

If for some reason Sherlock Holmes has stood out is by his attention to the details. Through deductive skills and the use of the scientific method, he manages to solve anything, whether in the series, books or films.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Did you get the "surprise" of the 'Roscón de Reyes'?

Today, one year ago...

There is a tradition in Spain at christmas time that have been doing it for so many years. On the night of the fifth of january, "the three wise men" come from the wild west to bring presents to everyone, expecially kids.

At the next morning, families open the presents together and have a sweet called "Roscon de Reyes" that its looks like a big donut with cream inside. The fun thing about this sweet is that inside there is always a little bean and a little porcelain figurine. If you get the bean you will have to pay the "Roscon de Reyes" but if you get the figurine, then you will have a lucky year.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I'll do it tomorrow...

The report of the week

All of us at some point in our lives have used those four words that together form a phrase always present in the spirit of the lazy person. Whether it was at the school, university or at work, by the time of thinking about that pending task, we thought:"Well, I still have time to send the report, I'll do it tomorrow ..." Maybe it was weekend, or you had plans with your partner, or that day you just wanted to be lying on the sofa without doing anything. The problem comes when there are only a few hours left to send that report and you haven't started yet.

Well, it seems that these bad habits are very present in most companies. According to the latest report from Vanson Bourne collected in Helpnet Security, more than half of the companies dot yet meet the minimum requirements in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Will they have left the homework for tomorrow?

Monday, January 2, 2017

Groundhog day

Today, one year ago...

In 1993 appeared in the billboard "Groundhog day". In the film, an embittered journalist (played by the always funny Bill Murray) Woke up one morning, and the next, on the same day, on the day of the groundhog. Trapped in a date that does not stop repeating, the protagonist despairs and does everything possible to escape for waking up the same on the same day over and over. However, after a countless time and misdeeds, he begins to realize about his own mistakes, started being a better person and after he started learning from himself he got out of the loop.

Beginning 2017 and looking back, it is very interesting to see the parallels that are more than evident in what happened to the character of Bill Murray and what is happening every year in cybersecurity's field.