Friday, December 30, 2016

Did you are achieve your goals for 2016?

The best of the week in Cyber Security

Something that we repeat every year is that typical phrase: "This year I'm going to the gym" or "This year I'm going to learn a new language". December 31 is already here and you are asking yourself if you are already an expert in yoga or a expert on the theory of Marcel Mouse about the condition of returning gifts, a topic during these dates. You look back sadly and admitting: "At the end I didn't fulfilled the purposes for this 2016".

A year ago we wanted to take cybersecurity more seriously, and reviewing the most important news of the week, we can see that the results have been quite different from what we expected.

Still recovering from Christmas'  hangover (and failing in another purpose, the one that says: dot drinking alcohol during the holidays), we find out  that on Christmas eve,  Imperva had suffered a massive attack of DDoS, which reached 650 Gbps and was powered by Leet Botnet. Despite the seriousness of the attack, the researchers concluded that the attack was not targeted at any particular customer, since the cybercriminals failed to decode the victim's IP address.

And if one of your purposes was to make a revolutionary blog to live on uploading your grandmother's recipes, we hope you were not using PHP Mailer. Dawid Gulonski discovered last Wednesday a vulnerability in the system that left millions of webs exposed to a remote exploit. The ruling has already been reported to its creators and will be removed in the next version.

However, not all the news are bad. We are sure that you have achieved some goals this year, like sign up for the gym (even if you never join it after). In case of this week, good news came from INCIBE, which offers all users a free tool against ransomware. How is the action? Send to two or more encrypted files of more than 1 MB and report the case to the National Police. Once this process is done, the experts will analyze your home and will try to solve it for free.

And if one of your goals was to stop being so addicted to social networks and keep your day to day in a more "private" zone, we are sure that this news interests you. With Trump's victory in the US election, Americans' concern about their privacy has skyrocketed. To mitigate these privacy cravings, since Cnet offered us this week to increase our security in this stuff. And just share with others what you want to share.

Whether or not you archive your goals for 2016, don't worry. If you have succeeded getting your goals for this New Year, now you have to find new. If you have not, the attempts have surely brought you a little closer to success in 2017. 
In our Cybersecurity field, we see that there are things that we have improved and others that we must continue working on, but the passion to make the cyberspace a safer place is still present inside us. Happy 2017!


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