Friday, November 18, 2016

Sex, shopping and virtual reality

The best of the week on Cybersecurity

Sex is overrated nowadays. In the past, virginity and I am ‘the girl-who-doesn’t-kiss-anybody-on-the-first-date’ was a value, today this seems to be the opposite. You have to go out and flirt. The Internet has changed the way of meeting people. Ask the millennials, they have learnt everything through a mobile phone and a computer. In the past, meeting someone was free and you just had to approach him or her in a pub; now you have to pay.   

The recent Adult Friend Finder data breach corroborates what we just said. About 339 million accounts may have been hacked. To get the idea: Spain has 47 million inhabitants. That is, there are six times as many users of Adult Friend Finder as Spanish people. The United States has about 320 million inhabitants. The Ashley Madison data breach in 2015, compared to this, is just a children’s game. On that occasion, there were 32 million accounts, and even the ironmonger on the corner got nervous.

The website was selling itself as “The World’s Largest Sex and Dating Site & Swinger” and it did work! The attack had collateral damages, such as the 62 million users from and the 7 million users from, domains that belong to the same business company. In addition, there are 15 million accounts from users that may have unsubscribed, but their personal data has not been deleted yet. So if, by any chance, you were one of those who had an account and deleted it, it wasn’t worth rectifying.  

But sex is not the only thing that is overrated. The Sales Days, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, have reached a collective hysteria that neither the Beatles nor Elvis Presley achieved in their best years of popularity. Just look at some pictures on the net and you will see how people struggle to buy things. And, of course, during those days, online sales skyrocket. And so do the risks of cyberattack. In 2015, customers spent about 3 billion on online shopping. That year, phishing scams were around 34.33% throughout the year, whereas on Sales Days that percentage increased to 43.38%. Kaspersky Lab’s research also found out that attacks against stores and online payment systems, on Sales Days, are bigger than phishing attacks against banks. 

Something that also seems to be booming is the augmented reality business. According to Goldman Sachs, the next big successful computing platform will be the virtual reality business. The company believes that the hardware and software market will grow until reaching 80 billion euros by 2025. The fever that came with the Pokemon Go phenomenon seems to have been a huge influence on these predictions. Of course, in order to access the game, you have to give some personal data… And cyberattacks will be there too.

Sex on the net, compulsive shopping and virtual reality are the symptoms of our society today. You can enjoy them or ignore them. If you choose the first thing, be aware that is probable that cybercriminals will be waiting there to get their part.

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