Friday, August 5, 2016

Shell Gamers take up the news

Shell Game, mosqueta or Pepito pays double. It's the same. Is the same game, based on deception, to cheat money to the audience. An that's, a real shell game, what cybersecurity has become this week. It´s always like that in one way or another, but these days it has become more evident: the little ball never stops where we thought it was, but under another beaker (or shell as shown in the image that accompanies to this outline ). The scammer takes his part, and don't ask for a complaint: you already knew it could be a trap.

As the Whatsapp messages you thought that were erased. They weren´t. They are there, waiting for somebody wise enough to find the hole to bring them back to life. Of course, it´s the price to pay for decades being content with the fact that the files erasing was never categorical, except when performing a lethal formatting. So we now pay the consequences. Wrong beaker.

Like with the selling of Yahoo to Verizon, that could make Mrs Meyer, CEO of the former Internet emporium, think that her serious headaches have finished. Wrong again: only a few days after the new, 200 million accounts have blown up, and been made public for pilferer´s delight. At least, the scandal will be shared with the new owners.

Did you think that voting would be a clean and transparent process over a lifetime? Governments intend to for sure (we are not the ones to deny it), but for the guys with a digital balaclava helmet it could be one of their more profitable hobbies in terms of influence. A research released this week puts on the table the necessary debate about if going to the polls would be more or less like playing with shell gamers. 

Talking about scams, the one which suffered a hackers group that announced a DDoS attack against Pokemon Go. The game came out on the wrong end, like a real facepalm: another hacker's group, at least as bad intended as them, hacked their servers and rendered them useless. Wars among shell gamers, among guys who wake one day and decide to assault an open source repository and change all the installers by malware, and if you were tagged, bad luck.

Bravo for those who warn us on time, even if they are playing with the other´s rules, that one of these days your "smart" vehicle can swerve and take you out of the road, and not because of a software error, but because of somebody gave it that instruction, or any other he wants, from the outside. 

Maybe you can´t avoid to play with shell gamers in today's world. But you can became aware of they are the scam kings and take all feasible precautions before saying: The little ball is under this shell. 


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