Friday, August 26, 2016

New technologies applied to the cyber crime industry

There are continously advances in technology. Cybercrime industry, as an early adopter, is always looking for adapting it for its own purpose.

The reason is pretty clear. This sector is very anxious to becoming the leader of the rest of industries, taking into advantage the lack of responsiveness to new techniques and those that are already in circulation.

Today we are going to review some news of the last week related with the use of new technologies in Infosec.

For example, the application of artificial intelligence algorithms to phishing campaigns. This increases the chances of success as much as manual and directed campaigns do.

We can also talk about the new tactic used by threat actors, who are now attempting to install and run a virtual machine, with the purpose of hiding their malicious actions This technique allows these pieces of code to pass the security control of the system.

These innovations not only affect technology but also the existing control tools used. Twitoor is the first Trojan that uses Twitter API to get the control of all infected Android devices.

Of course the good ones are always alerted and sometimes they take actions in order to avoid all these new techniques.

We could saw an example with this prototype of auto-validated chip. The chip alerts when a malware is detected and it is not working as a normal hardware would do.

This chip is something we would really need in the not too distant future if we are serious about the interest of cybercriminals in the use of electronic implants.

Hacking a social network account or extorting a company can be a really lucrative business but thinking about people's insulin pumps or implantable defibrillators means something really different and it turns more interesting.

New technologies are available for cybercrime industry. Available to all those interested in moving out of their comfort zone. For better or for worse. 


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