Friday, August 19, 2016

Marketing and cyber attacks

Cyber security has emerged as one of the most important economic pillars that sustain industries.

It is no wonder. The business of almost all markets are at stake. This sometimes encourages media to give much more importance to the topic than it actually has.

It has always happened with press and TV, and it is happening now with cyberthreats.

A few years ago if an exploit put into a hard spot this technology then only those interested in the topic would read about that. Nowadays if it happens, it would have enough marketing to be published in all media.

At the beginning of the week we saw the first example. Tom Patterson, Chief Trust Officer of Unisys, criticized the little coverage of an alleged hacking of Volkswagen keys that was presented in Las Vegas and did not have any impact.
Do you need another example?  Together with the Quadrooter that affected a significant number of devices (last week post) we find its heir: Autorooting. In addition to having a Transformer name, it has, apparently, infected almost 90% of Android devices.

Lets talk about the most recent (alleged) hacking suffered by Sage: the British software giant. At the end it was "only" a failure in the existing internal policies and there is a worker that has been arrested.

We cannot forget the trendy hacking suffered by Equation Group that could have consequences to NSA. We know almost nothing about this attack but only rumours: that behind ShadowBrokers is Russia, that they have more document than those that have been exposed, that this is not true, that Wikileaks can access to everything even though the bid deadline is not over and the price is disproportionate...

We cannot lower our guard. After all, we are always bottom of the pile but it doesn't mean to be the weakest.


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