Friday, July 1, 2016

Top Stories of the Week

CEO of Google
The robbery of a bank in Ukraine, hack the CEO of Google, a Trojan that attacks clients of banks in the UK, the government's recommendation of the same country to lower wages to CEOs in the event of cybersecurity incidents and interviews Cesar Cerrudo  and Pete Herzog hackers, are our top stories of the week.

A Ukrainian bank was the latest victim of the now famous attack on the nerve center of the global financial system, SWIFT. According to ISACA, hackers have stolen 10 million in the bank. The bank security has also been news this week in Britain, following a new campaign Retefe banking Trojan, which would have improved its code. The Trojan is distributed via spam messages with an attachment that carries malicious Javascript and installs a fake certificate on the computer of the victim.
We have also drawn attention this week the boldness of OurMine group dedicated to ridiculing prominent leaders of the digital revolution, raiding their accounts in social networks. This week it was up to the CEO of Google, which saw someone post dedicated to your account on Quora, where it has 508,000 followers. Speaking of CEOs, the British government has published a report on the state of cybersecurity in that country, recommending that wages or bonuses of CEOs of companies that suffer cyber incidents, when they could have been easily avoided lower yourself.

Finally, as the interviews have always liked ,like the interview that the site Security Affairs was the CTO of IOActive Labs, Cesar Cerrudo, as our interview with the creator of the Open souce Security Testing Methodology Manual, Pete Herzog. Just remembering that from 4 to 6 July will be held in Madrid our summer course focused on cybersecurity and FinTech.


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