Friday, July 15, 2016

Most read news of the week

Pierluigi Paganini, supporter of the well known blog "Security Affairs" is without doubt this week's most read news main character, not only  for its good work in favour of a better information about infosec, but for his blog's latest novelty: conducting in-depth interviews with renowned hackers that, as the interviews we do from CIGTR,  are having a great reception from the cybersecurity community.
Pierluigi Paganini
We talked about that in our interviews section last monday, highlighting the best quotes of the interviews realized by Paganini with Rahul Sasi, César Cerrudo, KArsten Nohl, Billy Rios and the hacker known as @slege. 

Combined with the curiosity about hackers, the addiction to a new virtual game, Pokemon GO, grows in a worldwide level. It has not reached Spain yet, but news  about the game and about possible privacy and security problems it could cause have. It has been called "virus" and "serious security risk" because it seems that who uses the app from their google account leaves it opened and somebody could read their mails, have access to their pictures and documents or even send an email on their behalf. Google assures that nobody has abused of this privacy failure and it's already fixed.

The race conducted by the sel-proclaimed OurMine group has aroused our interest too, it seems they have decided to assault all de technological CEOs social networks they could reach. Among others, the CEOs of Twitter, Yahoo or Google have "fallen" already. OurMine assure they are from Saudi Arabia, but who knows.

Meanwhile in UK, according to the National Crime Agency cybercrime has overcome to traditional crime and is still growing, being DDos attacks and ransomware those which have raised the most in 2015. According to the agency, the most serious menaces in cybercrime against companies a the result, directly or indirectly,   of the activity of no more than a hundred of international cybercriminals.


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