Monday, July 11, 2016

Inquirer IT professional with virtuous surname

Pierluigi Paganini is one of the most recognized professionals in the blogosphere INFOSEC . His digital binnacle Security Affairs is one of the most widely read Internet and social networking presence is constant. It is difficult to move in this world and not find him. Sooner or later, the security expert with surname virtuoso violinist land among your readings, and once in them, reincidirás voluntarily or involuntarily.

We have not talked with Paganini (who knows, everything will come) but we note your name today, Monday interview, because not a month that has been released to interview faces and identities more or less relevant in the scene hacker goes international . Since late June, they have gone through your blog Rahul Sasi (@ fb1h2s), Cesar Cerrudo, Karsten Nohl, Billy Rios, and the hacker under the pseudonym @ s1ege. In addition, these interviews carry a commendable pace; for example Nohl and Rios came two days.

Too illegal to be said
In his last conversation, we discovered that under that pseudonym @ s1ege there is a professional IT (a programmer to be exact), for whom the ultimate goal is to "combat all forms of corruption in Internet and eradicate the Islamic State". He says its goal is more than just "look" and if necessary for a good cause exposing individual actions would too.

"I would say that the Islamic state is what scares me, but my own government scares me more than anything. Our government is passing laws" in the dark "that make privacy a thing of the past. But after that is the Islamic State and recruiting game and brainwashing of mainstream Islamic "adds this hacker whose greatest achievement, he says, is too illegal to be admitted in public.

Unmasking failures encryption
Especially recommended is his interview with Nohl, who appears as a bright and volcanic professional, one of the most famous hackers of the world "need not be presented" to cybersecurity experts, as the discoverer of the way to spy on anyone from vulnerability in the SS7 protocol.

In addition to this finding, in the interview are entertained in areas such as the start of Nohl in this matter. "My career is Electrical Engineering with a PhD in Engineering Computers".
Both grades taught me how hardware and software interact, a base on which I can now interfere where uncertainties arise between the two layers. I also feel a great fascination for encryption, which helps me to unmask insecure encryption implementations often found in embedded systems. 

Waiting to be hacked
Looking to the Hispanic audience, it is relevant interview with Argentine Cesar Cerrudo. A name that should be the usual family CIGTR, not in vain we became echo of it last year and half, by making the annual review of 2014 Top 10 security. A hacker who considers Paganini elite despite cone Cerrudo own account, in the case of a professional who never finished the official studies because he was too busy learning "useful things :)".

"There is nothing on the Internet that frightens me," said Cerrudo in his conversation with Paganini, "but I'm really worried about how many critical and important systems (infrastructure, health, etc.), are open to attack, waiting to be hacked . I hope that does not happen, but we will soon see some cyber attack that kills people. it's a matter of time does not improve cybersecurity ".

With or without predictions, we have no one to applaud the initiative of one of the blogs on most read Internet security, enjoy these interviews bring us occasionally some here and, why not, you may end up collaborating with Security Affairs . In any case, it pays to keep track of their talks.


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