Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fraud and threats, major cybercrimes according to Interior

Most computer crimes are committed in Spain Spanish nationals, aged between 26 and 40 years, says the "Study on Cybercrime in Spain 2015" recently presented by the Ministry of the Interior. Foremost among the data provided by the study 28.3% of computer crimes are carried out by minors.

Arrests for cybercrimes in 2015, by age and sex

For the preparation of this report has been taken as a reference statistical information based on crime known registered by the Forces and Security Forces (National Police, Civil Guard, Police Foral de Navarra and various Local Police Forces) contained in Criminality Statistical System (SEC), as well as those from the National Center for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CNPIC) except i Mossos d'Esquadra Ertzaintza.

A clear increase in cyber crime in Spain is appreciated. Specifically, during 2015 it has been known facts a total of 60,154, of which 67.9% are computer fraud (scams) and 16.8% to threats and coercion. The percentage of clarified facts is 32.2% of all known facts in 2015 and, in the total of arrests and allegations made by the Security Forces (5445), the 75.98% are people male.

Interestingly, the gender distribution with respect to victims of cybercrimes. Most were males (55.45%), and are subject mainly computer fraud offenses and threats and coercion. In contrast, women exceed a percentage to male victims in cases of abuse, sexual offenses, revealing secrets and illegal computer access. It should be noted that underage victims of female double those of males.

As for the crimes committed by gender, scams, threats, child pornography and
discovery and disclosure of secrets have higher incidence among those detained / accused male. Moreover, scams, threats, insults and usurpation of civil status predominate among those responsible female.

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