Friday, June 3, 2016

Most read of the week: interviews

Clearly, if we have learned anything in CIGTR this year is that our fans are great readers and followers of interviews. Two monopolize the most read content this week: our traditional interview of Monday, this time with Alberto Hernandez, Director of Operations of the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE); and an interview with the newspaper "El País" had with John Lyon, founder of the International Cyber Security Alliance

But while the interviews are the great hobby of our readers, the statistics show us that their main interest is to learn to defend themselves from the dangers that hides the network, because they do not want to be knownand are effectively hidden, either because our status of digital non-native does not allow us to see them.

Therefore, it has been very successful article "How visibility can help detect and counter DDoS attacks", which we recommended this week and said: "The quickest way possible to prepare and respond quickly to an attack is to increase visibility assets Internet, so that DDoS attacks can be observed and can be mitigated in the short term. Knowing what normal network behavior, such com is a management system performance Internet, means that you you will be more easily able to tell when an attack is underway, so you can take action.

It has also even garnered rave reviews on our Twitter account analysis on key cybersecurity what chess figures correspondrían the different actors of the stage of Internet security: "The world is a talbero chess and security professionals are simple pieces ". What shape would it be you? The article will tell you what kind of professional cybersecurity is.

Finally, a week calls us and our readers greatly attention to the treatment received by a researcher who warned of security flaws in patient data: the FBI entered his house as if it were a terrorist. Just now it recommended the latest news that should be in the ranking of the most read: A 0day of Windows 10, on sale for a starting price of $ 90,000.


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