Friday, June 24, 2016

Most read of the weeek: ransomware, fraud and passwords

Our most read of the week are focused on three: a new ransonware to rob Bitcoin, more and more "fraud to CEO" victims, with million dollars global loses and a brute-force network attack with a million IP addresses against two financial institutions.  

Our recommended most read new has been the investigation of Trend Micro about a new ransomware virus, RANSOM_JSRAA.A, one of the few isn't executable but a script, designed specifically to interact with browsers. According to Trend Micro, in addition of encrypt files like the rest of ransomware, it can steal passwords and Bitcoin wallets.

The known as "CEO fraud"seemed really interesting to our readers: according to the FBI report, the frauds of mail spoofing to companies have generated a loses of 3,1 thousand million dollars, 960 millions only on USA. The CEO fraud" consist on cybercriminals impersonating high positions of the own company or a partner that order a transference, usually to the accountant or another person allowed to do it.

Finally, in our top highlight a brutal attack against two financial institutions that we don't know the name. According to Cisco, in only one week on February it was detected a million of different IP directions trying to register in millions of emails accounts, re-using credentials bought on the black market and from massive credentials robberies like the recents to LinkedIn, Tumblr, MySpace or, the Russian Facebook.


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