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Mónica Valle: "My privacy and intimacy are my rights"

Mónica Valle. Director of Globb Security.

Mónica Valle is the host and co-director of the television program "Mundo Hacker", which is broadcast on the channel TVE La 2 on Saturday mornings. Madrid, 30, studied Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Public Relations and two years ago it was released in information security, presenting the only program on Spanish television which talk about computer security.

Behind the beauty of Monica hides an intelligent woman, alongside sweet, which brings its own style to the growing roster of women who not only are, but also stand out in the cyber security community.

- How did you decide to this guild of cyber security?

- They cheated me!! LOL. Not at all. I was already working on GloggTV journalist, writing about technology, when I got the opportunity to present along with Antonio Ramos World Hacker program, that was to be broadcast on Discovery Max. I recognize that the issue of hacking and cyber security hooked me right away, and now I love it. What I like most is watching the faces of people when they ask me what I do and I tell them you are a cyber security journalist. They are a farce.

- It was what you imagined when you started working in television?

- The television isn't what it seems from the outside. Both because there is much work behind much more than it seems, for all the "tricks" that are not seen. But that is precisely the magic. I started working in television at Telemadrid during the degree. It touched me in a program that was broadcast late at night, but it used the afternoon to record live broadcast false. So from the beginning I saw "the gimmicks and catches". But even so it fascinated me.

Now in Hacker World I'm very happy because besides hosting (which is a small part, and although it is the "visible part" isn't the most important) I'm a writer and program director along with Javier López and we're very happy with the result. The TV is a team effort, and after all the work and effort you can see results is very rewarding.

- How is to be a celebrity of cyber security in Spain?

- LOL. It's great because fortunately I'm not a celebrity... I don't intend to be. But, the truth is I'm very happy, I love my job and it's very rewarding. I filled many hours of the day, yes, but also fills me much personally. I couldn't work on something I didn't like, and I'm lucky to do something that I love.

- Whose and where you learn cyber security?

- Where I can. For example, of all the interviews I do, whenever I have some hacker or cyber security expert before I ask him a thousand things. And I read, I read everything I can, especially news and articles. Now I just read a book on Anonymous, Anonymous Thousand Faces of Gabriella Coleman, who I just had the opportunity to interview her, and ask a lot of things. It's a booming sector where you never stop learning, and tome it's looooong, so I'm it.

- What do you love most in this world, some specialty in special?

- Over time, what has been more liking me is the issue of awareness, because you realize that there is little knowledge on cyber security beyond our environment. I understand, because before being stuck in this I thought the same, but it's something that there is a lot of work to do. And we both the program and the web have that objective, promoting a more conscious use of technologies.

- Of all the theories out there about why there are few women in computer security, with which one you take?

- It's probably a combination of several reasons. To star, women aren't attracted to study computer science, and has nothing to do with that we're not good. because there is and has been throughout history are very good. But perhaps in society there is still an outdated idea that computing is a thing of "guys" or "freaks" and is full of stereotypes.

- You live in front cyber security today. What gives you more afraid globally?

- Luckily I already passed the stage of fear. But surely the issue of privacy. Although it's something that you can't think all day or you can end in a state of constant paranoia, which is not good. Precisely speaking with writer you commented, Coleman, told me she having been researching Anonymous, and "see things" she has stopped using mobile. And that makes you think; what will be seen??

- And on a personal level? Are you afraid for example, as they did whit those celebrities, get yours and intimate information posted on the network?

- Fear not, especially because as I told you, I'm nothing like a celebrity, so I don't think it¡s a comparable objective in that case. And now it's when I hack my accounts, talking, lol. But seriously, in any case, we are all potential victims, that is. People wonder why their accounts were to be cyber criminals target... but they are making a lot of money with their data, that is what they have to understand. We are all potential victims because we are all equal on the Internet.

- What do you think of getting stronger espionage businesses and governments over the population, including you and me?

- We will surely be more objective than we think, LOL. In fact, on occasion I have "disappeared" e-mails that have not reached their intended recipients. Surely you have more than one story... I think they're looking for the same old excuses for unjustified reasons: the fact that they have to spy on us all to offer more security. Then there is the tagline ever: that if you have nothing to hide, do you care that can reach glance. Well, I have nothing to hid, but my privacy and intimacy are my rights.

- What is your best defense in the network?

- Common sense, replicate what you do in your normal life in the digital world, to have security solutions installed, update the devices, etc. What we already know and have heard it a thousand times. I have a folder where I'm keeping catch spam that I've missed a few laughs. For example, a friendly lady Ivory Coast exclusively offered me $ 2.5 million because he has a fatal disease and isn't going to use. The worst thing is that there are people who fall into the trap.

But even if you take all the precautions in the world, the only thing that is 100% sure that there is no complete safety. What we do not want it to leak, do not write. If you do not want a picture of you ends up in the net, not save it. Moreover, directly do not do photo. If not, it can not be hacked. It sounds a bit dramatic, but once you take the red pill, there is no going back ;)

Text: Mercè Molist


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