Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Millions of dollars were lost in 2015 with the "Fraud CEO" according to the FBI

The Claims Center for Internet Crime (Internet Crime Complaint Center) of the Federal American Bureau of Investigation received in 2015 the amount of 288,012 complaints, with a total of over a billion dollars in losses, according to the newly introduced "2015 IC3 Report ". This figure should be assessed taking into account that only 15% of crimes go unreported.

The Internet Crime Complaint Center received an average of 800 complaints per day during the past year. By defrauded amounts include the so-called Fraud CEO or Corporate Commitment Mail (Business Email Compromise), Commitment Email and Ransomware virus type.

Fraud involves tricking CEO via email (sometimes using the phone as a support) a senior executive or company accountant to perform or authorize a transfer. Frauds CEO is also related to other types of criminal activity, including romances scams, lottery, employment or fraudulent checks, where victims are prompted to make transfers in favor of criminals. In 2015, the FBI Center received 7,838 complaints about this scam, with estimated losses of $ 263 million.

A similar scam and also very denounced commitment is called E-mail. Fraud CEO differs from its target, which are not companies and their managers or accountants but the general public, many professionals often related to financial institutions, law firms, real estate and others. Through email and fake senders are required to make payments. 281 people reported this scam to the FBI in 2015, with losses of 11 million dollars.

Third highlight the type ransomware virus that encrypt files one or more computers and ask for a ransom to decrypt. The ransomware organizations often reach via spear phishing attacks or phishing targeted at specific individuals. In 2015, the Internet Crime Complaint Center received 2,453 complaints of ransomware, with losses of 1.6 million.

Regarding scams  no more substantial economically but which have added more complaints, include the non-payment of goods or non-delivery of the same in electronic transactions (67,375 complaints), overcharge in the price of products (30,855), identity theft (21,949) and auction scams (21,510).California, Florida, Texas and New York are, by far, the states with more claims.


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