Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Leave the mistake; cybersecurity and business go hand in hand

That to be wrong its human is something that we know from the time of Julius Caesar. But what is evil is to voluntarily persevere in the mistake, as well left written St. AugustineIf you are still those who think that cybersecurity and business do not go together, a recent survey of Centrify comes to you out of the mistakeIf you continue thinking in these mistake is already yours.But the truth is that it would be diabolical....for yourself.  

Typically if you have a business is that you be hacked sooner or later; and you can even forgive him. But beware you will lose part of your business. Being hacked does not free. The consumers know that "normal" is for someone to access your data illegally, to stop your services inoperative time or has any security breach that someone explode. But that does not mean it is acceptable. The study of 2.400 adults surveyed, one-third in the US, one in the UK and a final third in Germany. 

Some of the conclusive points of this study, which we suggest read through, are;

  • To be hacked is inevitable somehow. Three out of your respondents believe so, but only between 13% and 21% agree that something is "definitely normal". 
  • That is unavoidable does not mean it is accepted happily. More than half of Germans (57%), two-thirds of Americans (66%) and, three-quarters of the British (75%) would no longer do business with those companies and organizations that are hacked. And very convinced they would form 1 in 5 consumers (21% US, 23% in UK and 17% in Germany).
  • And yes, the responsibility is entirely of the companies themselves. And like this is considered by two-thirds of respondents
  • Financial institutions are those with greater reputation when it comes to dealing with a cyber attack. Four out of five persons consulted placed in one of the top three among seven different industries, and there was even one who wanted to place on record that in your opinion do the best job in this area.
  • Medical and health organizations also work out stops. For two out of three respondents, these firms also occupy one of the top three in the US, and the third in the case of respondents in the UK and Germany.
  • Confidence that governments take seriously cyberthreats is higher in the UK and Germany, when compared with the United States, but also in all three cases rate in the highest places.
  • If we go to the retail sector, confidence decreases drastically, to fourth in the three countries. Travel, membership and hospitality sector close this study, as the least reliable agents in handling cybersecurity and the associated risks.
Do you still think that cybersecurity and business do not go hand? And each time more ;-)


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