Friday, June 17, 2016

Hack,malware ,filtration.....Who benefits?

The magic question is "cui prodest": who benefits. Because humans are like that.With rare exceptions when we do something its because we get something in return. Knowing who benefits from a hack malware or filtration gives to all sorts of speculation beyond our mandate, but good to have this question present to help understand the actuality that surrounds us .This week, like most, he has been full of good news.

We should ask ourselves who benefits, for example, the Democratic espionage US Committee regarding his rival Donald Trump: two hackers groups linked to the Russian government, whose president has shown on occasion admiration for the Republican candidate. ¿Commissioned espionage Trump environment? What did Hilary to discredit him? Was thing the Russian government? Is there anyone behind? Anyway, it is one of the most shocking headlines of the week, if only because the US presidential league career with the need for awareness on cybersecurity.

In some cases it is clear who benefits and why, as in the case of "assault" planned from North Korea to 140,000 computers in Seoul, 160 companies, and has allowed steal 40,000 documents defending the eternal rival South . As usual in these cases, and similarly to the reaction of Putin's cabinet, the Executive Pyongyang has denied any responsibility in this case.

Currently is must go beyond, at least in numbers: 45 million passwords from a thousand services have been exposed this week. This time the source of the leak was hacking the web Verticalscope the last February, and the goal is clear: offer them at very low cost on the web dark. So with leaks as popular services like LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace or almost extinct Russian social network (there are no good nationalities or bad) par excellence: VKontakte.

The benefited from an improvement action is usually the author of the action itself. This time it is Intel, which would be testing systems to remove malware processor level. Although in this world you can never trust: as soon as you have encouraging news from a company, as you appear another the next day that leaves you shattered the announcement. So the best, as we try to understand again and again who benefits who do evil, is to continue preparing. This week we look at a good article to arm themselves against DDoS attacks, and let us bring to this weekly collection because it remains one of the permanent battle horses of many companies.

And how could it be otherwise, we also recommend the analysis of the relationship between cybersecurity and business following a survey Centrify and our last interview, this time with the host and co-director of 'World Hacker' Monica Valle.


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