Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Cybersecurity and FinTech: #CIGTR2016 Summer courses

As is tradition every year, the Research Center for Technological Risk Management (CIGTR) is organizing its summer course, Cybersecurity and FinTech. The course will take place from 4 to 6 July, both inclusive, at the Teatro Real Carlos III de Aranjuez and will feature the participation of leading experts. They will be put on the table interesting topics such as FinTech disruption in financial regulation, how new technologies can help regulatory compliance or tracking payments ransomware with bitcoins.

Fuente: FinTech Futures The UK as a World Leader in Financial Technologies 

FinTech is, according to Wikipedia, the contraction of the English words finance and technology. Enclose services or financial companies that leverage the latest technologies to create innovative products.The  46.2% of finance professionals in Spain use any software or product Fintech in your company, according to the "Report Fintech Captio & ASSET"

The potential FinTech focuses on providing consumers and businesses ability to take an active role in lending through P2P networks, allowing educate about personal finance through applications and games, democratize financial services and release excess capital to invest in small businesses and philanthropic projects.

Although the FinTech is not without risk: provides new methods for fraud and illicit use, if poorly implemented can increase financial exclusion and opportunities for financial crimes, has implications on the privacy of customers and not to forget the impact of decentralized digital currency on the mechanisms that provide monetary stability.

All these issues were discussed in the course of the hand of outstanding professionals. The program is as follows:

July 4th

RegTech: how new technologies can help regulatory compliance. Javier Sebastian and Carmelo Quintana (BBVA)

When cryptography fails: authentication brainwaves. Alfonso Muñoz (i4s).

Scaling your data science efforts. Kalyan Veeramachaneni (MIT).

July 5th

Introduction to quantum cryptography: from physics to the new standards. Gerard Vidal (Enignmedia).

Securing applications with mobile devices. Claudio Soriente (Telefónica I + D).

Roundtable: FinTech disruption in financial regulation. Alberto Partida, Paloma Llaneza (Reason), Alvaro Anchuelo (URJC), Jonathan Hayes (Dinube), Isabel Bazaga (URJC).

July 6th

Tracking ransomware through the Bitcoin network. Jorge Ordovás,  Alberto Gomez, Pablo Fernandez (Nevtrace).

Intentional risk management through complex networks analysis: application to Fintech. Regino Criado (URJC) and Santiago Moral (BBVA).


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