Friday, May 20, 2016

The good news against cybercrime exist too

We really search it. Energetically. Sometimes ignoring yellow new what we could gave us more audience. On CIGTR we are compromised with goodness, good energy and bring every day the most positive news we can found on cybersecurity specialized media. But there are mornings our compromise is a mission impossible, because the evils and attacks dominate the cybersecurity present. But we keep trying. Really. And sometimes we achieve it.
The main good new of the week has bee the deactivation of the TeslaCrypt ransomware. For some reason, their authors have abandoned the ship and left, available to investigators, the keys to decode all the files encrypted of darkness and malice. An applause for them.

It's also a good new the celebration of the #X1RedMasSegura 2016 days, on May 20th and 21st, today and tomorrow, on Madrid, with the kind intention of educate the weakest on good cybersecurity practises. Another applause for the organization.

This week we've seen also a condemned hacker, which always is a good new is the sentence is fair. The 28 years old man, from Ukraine, had created a smart and dirty business: manipulate or know in advance the content of corporate of press release, to play with this privileged information with his partners.

The last good new what attracted our attention is a USA survey, reproduced by the "Washington Post" journal, with an interesting conclusion: the people are increasingly changing their Internet habits, to make them for safer and private, from the lived experiences or the fear to live it.

From the CIGTR, we contributed also to the cybernetic good practises, recommending an study about how create safe password to avoid the most modern password breaker programs can break them. Finally, the past Monday was a pleasure present our weekly interview to a Spanish cybersecirty heavyweight. Javier Marcos, a.k.a. Javuto, expert on organize hacking contest and Facebook securtiy engineer.


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