Sunday, May 8, 2016

The banks robbers assault the network

It isn't the first time we compare the cybersecurity on Internet with the Wild West. An old West which was full of bank robbers and today they are still existing. There's no week we don't discover at least an attack against the financial system. The banking trojans have been along much time the kings of the place, but today the white-collar cybercriminals leave the clients and they focus on breaking the cybernetic walls of the bank. 

The most important news of this week: on one hand, the last reactions to the Bangladesh Central Bank assault, a "fine work" which has compromised the SWIFT system. On the other hand, the confirmation of an intrusion on the Qatar National Bank and the data robbery going back to no more and no less than July 2015.

Nobody is safe from the criminals, neither large companies and emblematic services as Google, Hotmail and Yahoo! A Russian boy traded with more than 400 million credentials of these free email services for only one euro. By the way, to fight against robberies like this, the European Parliament has given more power to Europol, an action applauded by the cybersecurity community.

Two more news have attracted our attention. On one hand, an article which asks: Can a SIM card spread malware? On the other hand, a Deloitte´s study  which says the 90% of the employees of a company didn't doubt on taking private data of this company if they were fired.

Finally, the cybersecurity on Spain also gave lot of information this week. This monday we read the interesting Cybermenaces 2015 and 2015 trends reports of the CCN-CERT and also we published our interview with the Securmática co-director, Luis Fernández Delgado. OnTuesday we knew about the attack with a ransomware virus against the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And this Wednesday we published a sum of the report "Cyber-insurance, the Spain cyberisk transference", made by the THIBER Think Tank and expanded by Javier Solana.

We'd like to report the Seventh of Calvary is here and the truth is, seeing how the cybersecurity defense front is moving, we think this announcement is increasingly closer. We keep watching.


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