Monday, May 23, 2016

A year of interviews

The interview section landed on the blog of the Research Center for Technological Risk Management just over a year. Today we want to have a stop on the way to celebrate this first anniversary and to list all the names you have seen through this year. For months, the interviews were posted on Sunday and a few weeks ago, sincee our content restructuring, they are now available on Mondays.

Throughout these little more than 365 days, we have talked to great experts on computer security, from the first at this section, the great educator Angelucho, to the last one last Monday, the maker of Capture The Flag contests Javier Marcos. There have been media stars as Chema Alonso, great hackers like Rampa, RomanSoft or Leonardo Nve, the organizers of the most important Spanish security conventions as Roman Ramirez, Nico Castellano or Pepe de la Peña and Luis Fernández Delgado, and women who broke our ratings, as lawyer Ruth Sala or the police officer Silvia Barrera, our most read our interview.
We have been also talking with entrepreneurs, as David Barroso or Continuum Security, a lot of first class analysts and, of course, some speakers from our Summer Course, devoted last year to Innovation in cybersecurity applied to the protection of digital identity. And we could go on with many international renowned experts as Fermin J. Serna, Sergi Alvarez, Ruben Santamarta, Joxean Koret and many more, so... if you want the whole list, please check it just here.

This is the whole interviews list along last year:

We celebrate with great enthusiasm this first anniversary, and we keep on bringing new and many names of this sector with a lot future, and necessary, such as cybersecurity.


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