Friday, April 29, 2016

Securmática is still being a success on its 27 edition

This week was successfully celebrated the XXVII edition of the oldest Spanish cybersecurity congress, Securmática. Under the suggestive slogan: "CISOs, what is happening to cybersecurity?", the best of the Spanish cybersecurity, professionals, companies and administrations, have met in the congress organized by the SIC magazine, under the watch of the incombustible Pepe de La Peña and Luis Fernández Delgado, since 1990. 

Photo from @info_CCI
As they say on their web,"this event – crucial in the creation of fluid and efficient market and professional relations against corporate users, the industry and the services-, it has won the title of the main reunion forums of the cybersecurity sector in our country and Hispanic environments". With a seating of 300 assistants per edition, the event organizers estimate that more than 6.600 professionals have been in the congress in this 27 years.

Professionals who also work in the most important Spanish firms and organizations. As example of the premium quality of the organizations which have presented presentations this year, as  INCIBE, IBM, Deloitte, EY, BT Iberia, S2Grupo, BP, Vodafone, GMV, Blueliv, Aquae Security, S21Sec,
the lawyer Paloma Llaneza or the fiscal Elvira Tejada de la Fuente. The banks, as always, have talked at length on Securmática: BBVA, CaixaBank, Bankia, Banco Sabadell, Banco de Santander...

Securmática opened its doors the past Tuesday, with an interesting opening presentation gave by the Division General Carlos Gómez López de Medina, Chief Commander on the Cyberdefense-MCCD  Mand. The next presentation of the operative director of the Spanish National Security Department, Joaquín Castellón Moreno and, after that, the day finished with a interesting disquisition of the fiscal Elvira Tejada, about "the Public Ministry interpretation of the crimes against data and computing systems and the crimes of illegal access to interception data systems".
It couldn't start in a better way, with great contributions of good information. The same day was very commented on the networks, by its original and interesting ideas, the presentation about "the CISO of Critic Operators", by the National Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures director, Fernando J. Sánchez Gómez.  Another heavyweight was the presentation of Javier Candau, Cybersecurity Department Chief of the National Cryptologic Center, about the cyberattacks national register.

The polemic Private Security Law and the regulation about cybersecurity activities had also its place, by Esteban Gándara Trueba, chief of the Private Security Central Unity of the Interior Ministry. It was also time to talk about the collaboration of cybersecurity companies with the European Cybercrime Center, with the presence of José Durán Martín, of the European Cybercrime Center.

Among other presentations we highlighted those by Santiago Moral Rubio, Global Chief of the Cybersecurity and Digital Trust of the BBVA Group, about the digital transformation of the struggle against fraud: "Attack strategies to the benefits of the organized crime actions". It attracted the attention the security initiatives of the Traffic General Direction and the Endesa plan about people training, with the suggestive title "Human Firewall".
The last day, yesterday, few important presentations happened, being the first the presentation of an exhaustive study about the cyber insurances view on Spain, presented by the THIBER collective. María Carmen Aguilar of Ferrovial, and Juan Antonio Calles, of KPMG Spain, gave the dark twist: a presentation of "the cyberterror secrets of the Deep Web". The congress was closed by Manuel Carpio Cámara, Information Security Director and Fraud prevention of Telefónica, who talked about "the CISO challengue before cybersecurity incidents notifications: personal data and alleged crimes".

On next Monday we will publish an interesting interview to the co-organizer of Securmática, Luis Fernández Delgado.


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