Friday, April 1, 2016

Rouding up to Tor

In the last weeks there wasn't a day without disturbing news about the Tor network.  Yesterday we knew the police had entered in the house of two people who support this network. We'll also talk about how to install malware on iOS, about the Brazilian cybercriminal scene and about Social engineering applied in electoral processes.

Some people talk about a criminalization campaign against Tor, which would have been opened officially by a study which affirmed what we already knew: the crimes are the principal essence in this network. Every day more and more websites are blocking Tor users, or they offer them a gelded navigation, among them CloudFlare. In a theatrical gesture, the Seattle police entered the past Tuesday in a couple's house, co-founders of the Seattle Privacy Coalition and responsible of the maintenance of Tor, searching for child pornography. It is the end of the Tor's good image, the networks which anonymize who need it?

Malware on iOS

Meanwhile, in the Black Hat Asia, today isn't only April Fool but also the day when Check Point presents  SideStepper vulnerabilities, a vulnerability which allows to install malicious apps on iPhone when some parameters exist: on apps created by companies for their employees, which don't need to pass the App Store strong controls.

Brazilian scene

We keep talking about malware because Kaspersky Lab presented a new study about the Brazilian cybercriminal scene and how it has evolved in the last years, with increasingly contact with other scenes like the Eastern Europe scene. From keyloggers and banking trojans, the Brazilian have passed to more complex bets like remote administration and even ransomware.

Hacking elections

We finish with a matter beyond technical security, although it is present in the majority of incidents.  We talk about the social engineering and what would be its zenith: cheating a whole country to vote one politician. This was made along a decade by the hacker Andrés Sepúlveda in Latin America, being one of his greatest hits the electoral victory of the Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto.


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