Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mossack Fonseca network security was "very lax"

The speculations about how the Panama Papers were filtrated continue and some experts start to offer specific data cases. We'll explain it, as well as the Domino's app failure resolution which allowed to order free pizza, a raid against the cybercriminality and a campaign to avoid our smartphone use monitoring.

All started with a "spear-phising", a mail sent to a Mossack Fonseca high position allowing to install a malware in the company network, whose security was "astonishingly lax". Wayne Rash tell us this on "eWeek", mentioning credible sources. This version is parallel to the angry employee's version, because someone had to indicate who must suffer the attack. Every executive should read this text, to learn what NOT to do.

No more free pizza

Another company which made a serious failure was Domino's Pizza: a researcher discovered its app for Android allowed to order pizza without paying. The company announces the failure has been solved. This isn't the first time Domino's has computing problems: on 2009 they gave 11.000 pizzas because a failure on its web and in 2014 it has suffered the data robbery of 650.000 clients.

Against "malware-as-a-service"

We know the cybercrime is, as most, a 5% of the total crime. But it's important: the law forces announce they have made a raid against 170 cybercrime suspects on Germany, Holland, France and Canada. 700 police officers have worked on the investigation, whose objective was people who sold malware for blackmail, bank data robbery and others.

Erase my location

We finish with an interesting campaign, made on Great Britain, where it ask to mobile phone companies their clients can decide if they want their location, navigation data and other would be monitored and commercialized. For this campaign it has bee made a very interesting research about this data market, usually unknown by the mobile users.


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