Friday, April 8, 2016

Google will warn to admins when their networks are attacked

Google launch a new service: it will share URLs related to Social engineer or malicious software to help network admins, who just have to join to this. We'll expand this information as well some keys to defend ourselves on the network with two interesting articles about how don't fall on phishing and what to do if we are under attack. We'll drive to end recommending some cybersecurity Twitter accounts.

Google ensure being monitoring 22.000 independent systems, what would be the 40% of all active networks, and it provides each day to 1.300 administrators with 250 security reports. Now they want increase this number and ask to network administrators who aren't yet on in this experience to join it. In exchange, Google says,"we'll provide network admins with even more useful information for protecting their users".

What to do if you're under attack

Talking about attacks, the currently edition of "OUCH!" magazine, from SANS Institute, it's focused on what to do if we know we were cyberattack victims. A few simple steps we hope help you in those moments: find clues to confirm we have been attacked and, if it's true, change passwords, review antivirus logs, reinstall, etc.

How avoid phishing

Another good guide come from the "Una-al-día" bulletin with "6 essential steps before clicking", related to the always present phishing attacks. The text explains how works those modern frauds, the importance of look if the emails it's written correctly and from where it comes, check links before clicking, check also the certification, etc.

Cybersecurity on Twitter

We finish this so educational post with a ranking of the 10 cybersecurity Twitter accounts which worth follow. A complete list where everybody is important:: Bruce Schneier, Brian Krebs, Katie Moussouris, Eugene Kaspersky, SwiftOnSecurity... It's worth spend some time reading it.

And that was our special daily post, because it isn't only the last post of the week, but the post to add the final touch to a large career of  present daily sums. Our labor will continue, but it will extend and grow, as we unveil in only two days: this Sunday, here, on And of course we won't leave of keep informed to our audience daily, with the best new we will share via Twitter.


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