Friday, April 15, 2016

Cybersecurity peaks and fears

What a week. We All know cybernetic dangers are there. But there are some classic teachings to no scare us easily, as the dramatic poet of the roman empire Publio Sirio, who wrote "no one reached the summit accompanied by fear". And maybe in the last days we haven't reached the peak, but it is happening something which allows us to see it, at least.

The week coudn't start better, with researchers who have developed a decode tool to recover all the encrypted files by Petya, and it's capable to do it in less than seven seconds. We know the bad guys search to do the as more damage as possible. That the good guys found the way to fight against this intentions is always a new to celebrate.

Also, and who's going to tell that, it seems the last one takes benefits of the first one work: the black hackers haven't had enough doing evil, but they try to tripp to each other, discovering themselves sometimes. An opportunity to whom are dedicated to stop them.

All this, while we started the week on this blog with an interview to "a real hacker", José Carlos Norte, with only 28 years and a long trajectory over his shoulders, from the Civil Guard registering their computers until his pass on EyeOs, where he is CTO today.

There is no doubt this last days bring us good news, but we never should lower our guard.  Help Net Security gave a shocking number: only in USA they has been registered more than 6.000 important information security breachs since  2005. A number that should warn to economy strategic sectors, but it some sectors, as on the energy sector, it exists  some duality relation with the cybersecurity approach yet.

What we can't obviate on this permanent struggle between researchers and criminals, is that everybody quantify the economic impact of their actions. The slogan is show me the money, and being like that, it's normal the tools appear like this calculator to quantify the DDoS attack economic impact. We only have to introduce five data: employees size company, sector, hosting, financial target attack and self trust on the defense against an attack like this. The machine does the rest: calculate and act consequently.

The summit on these kind of matters are difficult to reach. But when one is glimpsed, the work made claims itself to continue.


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