Friday, April 22, 2016

Cybercrime also pays (and it's increasingly)

Watch out bad guys: it's hard, but not impossible, to prove someone committed a crime in the cyberspace. Two important judgments have corroborated it this week. And little by little the crime also pays on Internet and not always the technical superiority is synonymous of  impunity. Great experts have been hunted by mistakes or, even worst, cause their ego.

Panin, SpyEye author
This Monday the lawyer Ruth Sala tell us how in our weekly interview and he is the living evidence of more and more lawyers are applying to learn the technical intricacies, because without them it's impossible to manage a case on Internet.

Thanks to all the hard and original work of professionals like Ruth Sala we are safer and we celebrate judgments like the one we met this week: 7 years in prison for Dmitry Fedotov, a.k.a. Paunch, author of Blackhole , one of the most historic famous "exploits kit", pioneer in the "rent-an-exploit-kit" model. Pauch and his breed will pass between 5 and 8 years in prison for provoking 25 million roubles damages to different banks.

Others who haven't covered themselves on glory are a Russian and an Argelian, involved in the creation, maintenance and commercialization of the baking troyan and financial botnet SpyEye. Aleksandr Andreevich Panin (Gribodemon), the troyan developer according to the FBI, has been condemned to 9 years in prison and Hamza Bendelladj (Bx1), who developed different modules and the backend, to 15 years.

Other news which have attracted our attention specially this week move away of cybercrime but not too much: the MIT confirm they have created a system based on Artificial Intelligence which could detect better the digital attacks, concretely three times better than the rest of this kind of systems.

Another information we highlighted at the beginning of the week and it has been amplified on the social networks was referred to how a German hacker proved to a USA politician how easy was to spy him without knowing more information than his phone number. Luckily, it was only a demonstration although nobody can know if this attack have been made in "real fire".

This are the lights and shadows of crybercrime, sneaky, unpredictable but, luckily, not completely unpunished.


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