Sunday, April 3, 2016

And Silvia broke the bank... of our interviews ranking

The cyberpolice Silvia Barrera, our most read interview

In less than a month, the wittiest cyberpolice, Silvia Barrera, has reached the top of our most read interviews. We started this interview Sunday section a year ago, talking with another charming cyberpolice: Angelucho. To our surprise, the interviews have become in our most read posts, achieving visitor records.

"His grandparents called him Angelucho and hence it is his nom de guerre". This is how the first interview published in the CIGTR started, the Sunday 3th of May 2015. The interviewed, a Spanish Civil Guard working in the Telematic Crime Group, intimately bound up in teaching the weakest. Immediately we saw how the visits to this post increased very quickly, a trend which has been continued a year later, in the more than 40 interviews we made.

The second big surprise gave us the Sunday interviews came after the interview, the 28th of February, to another cyberpolice, Silvia Barera, Technological Research Unit Section Chief. Silvia's charisma and sympathy placed her quickly in our top of most read interviews, which was previously stuck during months in the same names. How  did she make it?

Photo from @trufae Twitter account
First of all,  Silvia "killed" Chema Alonso and reached the fifth place in the ranking. In this interview we explored the most human and personal side of the charismatic Chema, but he could not do anything against the sweeping Silvia Barrera, who quickly overcame the next most read: Miguel Ángel Arroyo, Hack&Beers events creator.

But this wasn't good enough for Silvia, and a few days later her visits passed the third interview of our ranking, a big person of the Spanish cybersecurity community, Román Ramírez, the RootedCon father. Meanwhile, in the social networks many tweets and posts recommend to visit our interview with the cyberpolice.

In the middle of  March, we thought Silvia's streak had finished, to get finally a worthy third place. But we were naive. A week after we saw how Silvia had passed the guru, the great David Barroso.  And, wow, surprise, she finally got the first place, beating the first among the first, the only one who had reached an amazing visitor number in English and Spanish: Sergi Álvarez (@trufae), creator of Radare.

Silvia Barrera wears today the yellow jersey in our interview competition. Her closeness, sympathy, humility, with quotes like "my merit is based in continuum effort and patience", or realities like "men aren't the only barriers, there are also women" reached the heart of many people, overcoming the indisputable value of so excellent experts. We'll see until when, but we suspect it will be a long time. Congratulations Silvia!


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