Sunday, April 10, 2016

A new CIGTR is to come

The playwright and scriptwriter Lillian Hellman said 'people change and forget to tell each other'. If it's true entities are the people's souls which make them possible, the people who are this Investigation Center won't contradict the north American writer. We are going to change tomorrow, and we think we must tell you. Is the less we can do with people who show their compromise with this blog and social networks daily
Starting tomorrow, we'll publish the interviews with security experts and cybersecurity on Mondays, when from May 1st 2015 until now we were publishing on Sunday. Prestigious and recognized professionals as the cyberpolice Silvia Barrera, the Radare creator Sergi Álvarez, the recent entrepreneur David Barroso, the RootedCon visible face Román Ramirez or the Hack&Beers responsible, Miguel Ángel Arroyo; or all we didn't mention, but these are the top 5 of our interview, as we said here just a week ago.

Valuable contribution to cybersecurity

We will be dedicating Wednesdays to in depth-reflection. We'll bring to those lines some of our experts studies, or we'll approach large sums of the most important whitepapers published on the blogosphere or specialized forums, an interesting work we usually miss on Spanish language. We don't underestimate (on the contrary) the important work made by specialized blogs on Spain and Latin America, but we want to give the point of view of some international studies which, many times because we haven't got enough time, it's impossible to highlight on the day-to-day network content. And despite of cybersecurity has "limited" space on the network, its importance is undoubted growing. We think due to the presence of increasingly voices, that spreading some studies which require dedication and effort is a valuable contribution to making cybersecurity most social in Internet.

“Wait a minute”, someone would say, “¿Where is this CIGTR which made as a content curator for this sector?”. It will continue, of course. But with a more appropriate perspective for this labor:
  • It will increase its daily presence on Twitter, following the most relevant news and focusing on positive things. It's important to disseminate the menaces, but it's even more important supporting to whom want to improve our security
  • It will segment its contents on Google+ on new Collections, to approach more to the new publication and recommendations principles on this social platform, where we will also change its name to a brand new one most appropriate to this matter: Security & Cybersecurity.
  • You'll see the launch of a new LinkedIn channel, which will be the most professional vision of its updates, and we will maintain the usual publication line on profiles which have been growing like Facebook.
  • We value the SlideShare and Youtube circumstantial importance, with the large experience of five summer courses, and we will keep them fed with the latest material given by our speakers along the years.
  • And also, each Friday, this blog will recollect the most important weekly stories and links, lining-up with some of the most important blogs in English and Spanish.
Don't flatter us, for this we have our shadow

We leave behind an era which drove us to more than 2,000 post (half in English and half in Spanish), and we received an inestimable company: more than 2.5 million visualizations on our publications, 3,5 million Facebook impacts, 22,000 Twitter and Google+ interactions, almost 50,000 reaches on YouTube and Slideshare…

And it's never enough if we haven't got our most important indicator: your opinion. If we haven't got this, we would have moved away from the postulate which must be the first law in any company: 'I don't need friends who change when I change and agree with me when I agree. My shadow makes it much better'. The quote is from Greek writer Plutarch, and 20 centuries later it stills.

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