Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Your Plan B must be analogic

After the big shutdown in Ukrania, caused by a cyberattack, the electricity could be restored in few hours thanks to the existence of an analogical mechanism to do it. It's the daily great lesson, when we'll talk also other news less happy, as the proliferation of ransomware in famous sites and the apparition of the called 'patch fatigue' by the experts. 

At the end of December, two Ukranian power companies suffered a several cyberattack leaving without electricity to thousands clients during hours.  It could be worse if the companies hadn't had an analogical method to restore the electricity. Today, when the attack risk has been multiplied in the critical infrastructures, the experts recommend a Plan B to not depend of the computing systems.

The media affect

We talk now about the worst new of the day: this weekend, famous media website like The New York Times, BBC, MSN, AOL, Newsweek, The Hill and the majority pornographic websites have suffered a massive attack of malicious ads with ransomware. It recommends uninstall Adobe Flash, Java and Silverlight of Microsoft when you don't need it and have the browsers completely updated to minimize these attacks.

Ransomware on Lenovo

The ransomware is increasingly daring and dangerous. F-Secure explain a case to goose bumps: during a few hours, the default page in Lenovo computers, redirect its visitors to Kit Angler exploit, used usually to infect with ransomware. How do we defend of that? With an about:blank main page, explain the F-Secure guys.

"Fatiga del parche"

We finish with an study where 480 experts of computing technologies have been interviewed and its conclusions talks about a new syndrome: the 'patch fatigue'. It's caused by the increasingly vulnerabilities discovered, 6.000 just the past year, something it can't be assumed to the majority of technical departments, which only face the most critical an priority cases.

We can assume the total security doesn't exist and it never existed, but these number of insecurities is unprecedented in hour history.


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