Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Virus creators are working in a new and terrible menace

Until now, a virus affected to Windows or Linux, or iOS or Android devices. There aren't virus acting in different platforms, except some concept test or isolated cases. But this is going to change. We'll talk about this fearsome future, as well as a bank which has been publicly ridiculed, about the cybernetic scuffles between the two Koreas and the CCN-CERT industrial control system menaces report.

According to Kaspersky Lab, the powerful Brazilian virus creators would be working in a new "weapon of mass destruction": a virus which would work on Windows, Linux Mac and even Android, under some conditions. The virus would be distributed via a Java executable. The first samples have been seen, primitives yet, in banking trojan shape and they are moving forward.

NatWest publicly exposed

We keep talking about menaces because NatWest ensure to be strenghtening their security after their ridicule: BBC journalists could steal money to a colleague with a NatWest account, using a trick reported to the bank three years ago and it had propitiated several robberies whose victims, impotent, went to complain to BBC.

North Korea keep attacking

And we keep talking about the banking scenario because, by a formal complaint of South Korea, we know North Korea would have attacked the servers of a big software company specialized in South Korean bank security programs. Also, they would have hacked the smartphones of a dozen South Korean high positions and are trying to attack the railway traffic systems.

CCN-CERT report

An attack like this, against the critical systems of a country, requires  professionals deeply formed to repel it. This formation is offered in the Spanish CCN-CERT, "Menace report and risk Industrial Control Systems analysis" analyzed and contextualized on the SecurityAtWork website in different parts.


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