Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Unknown effect causes

The French philosopher and writer Voltaire said "Chance is a word void of sense; nothing can exist without a cause", and the present times confirms the past thinker words. For example: FBI and Apple. We'll expand this information, as well other matters of the day like ransomware on Linux, a tool released by Google and the terrorist communications of Paris.

The FBI has decided, less than a day before the programmed court heading against Apple, it's better to stop the struggle. Curiously, the same day they also announces that they actually don't need help from Cupertino, because they have founded the way to crack the iPhone which started this story in the middle of February. Coincidence? Psychological pressure over the technological giant? A theatrical move? It's difficult to know.
A huge fight to decode an iPhone, and now we know that thousands miles away we know the Paris terrorist didn't use encrypted communications. Instead of complex algorithms and anonymity systems, their technological modus operandi was based on prepaid cards, disposable mobiles and voice coordination. This new is helpful to question supposed government vigilance systems as to demand the resources increase to make effective these systems.

To win this war to bad guys, it's necessary the good guys have increasingly better resources. Google acquire in 2001 Zynamics, sign which had created a patch analyzer called BinDiff. The price on those days was 1.200 dollars, reduced immediately to 200. The great G have just announced they "released" completely the tool, and you it can be used for free.

And from tool to tool, we finish our cybersecurity daily sum with CryptoStalker, a software from GitHub repository and it explains itself only with its name. It's function is to locate ransomware on Linux and OS X, but its developer, Sean Williams, has already announced he is planning port it to Windows. A decision with cause: his father was infected on Windows with ramsonware, so he decided to work on that.

Decisions matches with finds, monitoring programs that not monitoring, multi platform developments... If Voltaire were to see the present-day sure he keep seeing unknown effect causes where other see coincidences.


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