Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trucks can be hacked too

It's real and it has been proved by a veteran hacker from Barcelona. Trucks, vans, buses and in general all the vehicles belonging to floats and with devices to communicate with the central are susceptible of being assaulted via Internet. We'll expand it, as well as the data robberies which are suffering famous USA companies, the intention of China of building a platform to cross their citizenship data and a good new from the Let's Encrypt initiative.

Almost a year ago, North American hackers proved it was possible to manipulate a car remotely and, among other things, make it stop when it is running. Since then, the new "car hacking" discipline has attracted many researchers attention, but nobody had looked the superior category, the truck and bus hacking until José Carlos Norte, from Barcelona, investigated it. Now he shows in his blog what he discovered  and it is really to get goose bumps.

Fiscal data stolen

Meanwhile, in the other side of the Atlantic, famous USA companies denounce they have suffered the robbery of their employees fiscal data using social engineering: someone who pretends to be the CEO of the company asks to an employee to send the documents with fiscal information (the famous W-2) of all their workers. Snapchat and Seagate are among the companies which have fallen in the deception.

Pre-crime on China

We cross now the Pacific to go to China. The Chinese government ensure they have a lot of information from monitoring their population and they want to use it to create a Big Data platform to, among other functions, predict "safety events" like terrorist attacks or congregations. What starts to be called "pre-crime".

Time to encrypt

We finish with a good new, something we can't do everyday and today we enjoy it: the Let's Encrypt initiative, which offers free electronic certifications, celebrates its one million certification emission. Let's Encrypt was an Electronic Frontier idea with the support of Mozilla, Cisco, Akamai, IdenTrust and others.


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