Sunday, March 27, 2016

Top 5 issues of infosec

Tags, tags and more tags. Along almost 900 posts, with 4 to 6 news each one, there is so many time to speak about a lot of things, and to tag them for guiding the reader. Some of those tags, let's paraphrase replicant Roy Batty from 'Blade Runner', get lost on time, "like tears in rain". But some other tags become strong. We want to talk about these ones, in this pause of the habitual interviews in Sunday, due to Easter Holidays. Which are the top 5 issues on CIGTR? Which of the tags shown on the right sidebar of this blog are the most important?

First one, with 114 appearances, we have Cybercrime (also as cyber crime). First time we treated with this item, it was at a bar enjoying a coffee. Well, not really, but then it was Summer (July 5th, 2013), so we imagined the darkest terraces of Internet, where we found the cybercrime as a service. Thanks to it, we have learnt some important lessons in the office, like to be careful even with the Postal Service, and even we discussed about black and blue or white and gold.

In second place, up to 110 times, is Malware. An issue to travel back in time and land on another trip, "80 days around the world threats" on July 2nd, 2013, to discuss the Win32 / Bundpill worm, which had become the more spread malware. Since then, this item has appeared on numerous occasions, from the romanticism of a "SaintSecuretine" to the "Lenovo superfish", through some sheriffs of cybersecurity.

Vulnerabilities wins bronze medal, with 80. We also found them for the first time on that 80 days trip around the world of the threats, and they stayed to live with us. A few months after that first post, they drove us to the thinkings of St. Augustine, to consider some factors on limousines, and even to revive intense moments with The Princess Bride.

It was not for less, with 79 impacts, the concerns we have felt with the most widespread mobile operating system on the planet: Android. It came to our blog from the hand of an unpredictable duet between Muhammad Ali and John Lennon, because of some bad guy who managed to port a vulnerability for the Linux kernel to all Android below 4.2 Jelly Bean versions. Vulnerabilities have made us company again and again, whether Roses of Ugly Duckling, in our own version of the 50 Shades of Grey blockbuster, or even studying our conversations in the hairdresser.

And with almost equal importance, 76 posts devoted to it, we must talk about Privacy. This subject is almost always linked to names like Edward Snowden, but is also present in everyone's fingerprint on the Internet, willy-nilly, in the personal data as the every-day-fight, and also in the... cyber witch hunt!!

Anyway, as we said at the beginning, tags, tags and more tags: all sort of hackers (63), denial of service attacks (59), Facebook as the favorite territory for all kinds of outrages (57), the infinite world of passwords (55), banking as number one target of cybercrime (54), or the implacable threat of ransomware (53).

Come and see. There is something for everyone. Happy reading.


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