Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This is how does the "Yahoo Password without password" work

"Welcome to the password-free world!". This is how Yahoo! has presented its proposal to not using passwords when we access to our services: the Yahoo Account key. We'll explain it, as well as the SWIFT system which demands to increase their cybersecurity to banks and a sanction to apps which spy what TV programs we look.

A good part of the technical community network works since long time ago, from different fronts, in discovering an alternative to passwords as authentication method in online services. Yahoo! always has been an outstanding student and it already present its solution: when we enter in a Yahoo! service, giving the email to sign it, we receive a notification in our smartphone which we have to approve and, we're in.

SWIFT reviews itself

Other people who work to improve their security are the responsibles of the SWIFT collective, the interbank mailing service with 3.000 financial institutions which was used recently to robe almost 100 million dollars to the Bangladesh Central Bank. SWIFT has asked to the banks to review and improve their internal security. By the way, according to the present investigation, the thieves were at least two weeks infiltrated in the bank network.

SMTP armors itself

And now we talk about another initiative to improve the security. This time, email security. Technological corporations as Google, Microsoft, Linkedin, Comcast or Yahoo have joined to support the so called "SMTP Strict Transport Security", to avoid the man-in-the-middle attacks in the mail encrypted traffic. It's an upgrade of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), currently used... since 1982!

Apps to spy what TV we see

We finish with something that brought many complaints for months: the smartphone apps which spies the TV programs seen by the consumers, with the intention of creating marketing profiles. The Trade Federal Commission has sanctioned a dozen developers about the code they include in their apps to make this spy function.

We wish a happy Easter holiday to our readers and we hope they will come back full of energy, because our matter, the cybersecurity, require all our energy.


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