Thursday, March 3, 2016

There's something worst than data robbery according to the NSA: Sabotage

The NSA chief gave an informatiive talk in the recent RSA Conference and he ensured we should get prepared for a new nightmare, after data robbery: sabotage itself. We'll expand this information, as well as other interesting news like how bad is treating the USA Treasure Department  department to data robbery victims, a Turkish criminal condemned by a brutal robbery in ATMs and a study about how the digital mafias hire new mercenaries.

Today starts in Madrid the main Spanish cybersecurity community convention: the RootedCon. We hope we'll have interesting news in the next days and meanwhile we already have a lot of news about another convention which has just closed its doors: The 2016 RSA. The NSA chief  talked in this conference to explain how were their main digital world nightmares, being the first one something which will be sonn as usual as the data robbery: Sabotage itself. Attention to this.

 IRS ridiculous

And meanwhile the secret services conquer the RSA Conference, the USA government is making ridiculous in other front: the data robbery of thousand contributors of their Internal Tax Services. First of all they said were only 100.000 people affected and now they are almost a million. Also, They have offered "protection" PINs which have just been compromised because they were created with the same technology than the criminals had broken in the original data robbery. No comments.

He robs 40M in one hit

Usually we don't  talk about cybercriminal detentions, because only a few can give us cybersecurity knowledge, which is our purpose, but this time we make an exception because the Turkish citizen Ercan Findikoglu deserves it: he faces a 57 prison years sentence for stealing tens of million dollars to JPMorgan, MasterCard or the American Red Cross. He assaulted the victims accounts, changed the credit card limit and then he stole the money in ATMs. In one of his robberies, he took 40 million dollars.

How mafias hire

Possibly this Turkish criminal would have gotten a good job in digital mafias. It has been published a investigation report about how these organizations recruit new mercenaries, basically in the Dark Web forum and taking as principal value their underground reputation. The interviews, as in any other remote working, were usually made by Skype.

We suppose the RootedCon will be also a contact scenario which will end in works, but this time for "white hats". We want to say hello to our collaborator Pablo Yglesias, who is there.


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