Friday, March 18, 2016

The Apple case appears in Time´s cover

We have been a few days without talking about the struggle between Apple and the FBI, because the company doesn't want to comply a judicial order to force them to unlock an iPhone. But we don't talk about it doesn't means we didn't follow the case. We'll expand this information as well the  galloping plague of company robberies via phishing. We'll also talk about the Pwn20wn competition, where expert crackers are breaking all the software they have in front.

The struggle Apple-FBI continues since few weeks ago, with opinions in favour and against, lawyers and fiscals, politics and experts. In this incredible war, the new world network against the rules of the old world, Apple employees have positioned in favour of their company and  they prefer to lose their work than revealing the Apple security secrets. Before this position, this is the last news: Tim Cook, Apple´s CEO, appears in the cover of the old world magazine, "Time".

Russian Banks looted

Meanwhile, in the outside world, the attacks against companies and banks via phishing are usual. In Russia have denounced the Buhtrap group has stolen more than 25 million dollars to banks of this country, in coordinated attacks mixing phishing and malware, to spy the employee's movements until discovering how to steal money. According to IB group researchers, the situation is so extreme that this kind of attacks aren't exceptional on Russia.

Millionary compensation

Unfortunately not only the banks are exposed. Also worldwide companies, are the most frequent victims of all kind of phishing tricks to rob them data or money. To one of them, Home Depot, the "joke" has cost them almost 20 million dollars only in compensations to their 50 million clients who saw their data exposed. In the attack moment, the Hope Depot antivirus had 7 years without been uploaded and the password policy was practically null.

Pwn20wn day 1

The apathy in this world related with a well trained hacker can do is frightening. We can see it this days in the Pwn20wn 2016 convention, where worldwide experts are challenged to break first line software, as Safari, Chrome or Flash browsers in exchange of money. Only the first day, the participants got 280.000 dollars in prizes.

In this moments we usually think: I'd like to be a hacker! We wish to our readers they have a good weekend and we place you to visit us on Sunday, when we publish the interview to the researcher specialized on inverse engineering, Ricardo J. Rodríguez.


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