Monday, March 7, 2016

Now it's real: Ransomware for Mac OS X

OS X users who had downloaded Transmission torrent client this weekend could have a serious ransomware problem. We'll expand this information and we'll take the opportunity to mention the existence of another of these "critters": a "talking" ransomware. We'll continue looking to a worldwide cybercriminal map and we'll drive to the end talking about drawing passwords.

Approximately a year ago we have been talking about Mac OS X ransomware but or it didn't work well or it was a concept test. What was clear was, as pure software it is, the ransomware could work on Windows and Mac, but cybercrime didn't focus in this operating system yet. Well, now it seems it's the time, with KeRanger, the ransomware hidden in the Transmission bittorent 2.91 version.

Talking ransomware

We keep talking about the ransomware world because Trend Micro warns of the existence of another one called CERBER, which can "talk" to their victims through an audio file which says: Attention! Attention! Attention! Your files, photos, database and other important files have been encrypted. It sounds in English, but the ransomware has the option, if the victims use Tor, of going  to a website to reproduce it in several languages. The ransomware is getting more and more "handsome" and that's why there is a lot of money at stake.

Where are the cyber-mafias

Cybercrime mafias are who are winning this money and they are growing. TrendMrico has investigated them and offers an interesting worldwide map of the main "families", located in Russia, Germany, Japan, China, Brazil and North America. Each "underground" has it own characteristics, detailed in this interesting TrendMicro study.


We finish in the always interesting "MIT Technology Review", where we discover a new investigation line about passwords. At this point, we realize about the actual uselessness password system and we assist to a race to see who discovers the new winner formula. We've seen many purposes but we like this: the "Free-Form Gesture Authentication" or, what it means, draw lines with fingers.

We'll see how it ends and we hope we'll do it soon, because the authentication double factor, although it's better than a simple password, it's clear isn't great.


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