Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Facebook follows Apple and refuses to give WhatsApp data

Big news today: The Brazilian law enforcement forces have arrested the Facebook vicepresident because he didn't acceded to their petitions against the privacy of a  Whatsapp user. We'll talk about a serious SSL hole too, the "Hack the Pentagon" initiative and the first confirmation in the USA history of being using cyberweapons against the Islamic State.
Diego Jorge Dzodan, vicepresindet of the most famous social network on Latin America was arrested when he went to work on São Paulo, Brazil. The reason: Facebook has refused to give details of a Whatsapp user investigated for organized crime and drug dealing. Facebook has published a announcement to clarify this information: "WhatsApp can't give information it hasn't". We'll see how it continuous.

8 bugs on OpenSSL

Meanwhile, the network technical community has a busy day today, applying the patches published yesterday on the OpenSSL Project which solve 8 vulnerabilities. The worst had name and logo already: DROWN. It can decrypt safe TLS connections in minutes, even instantly in some cases. It would affect more than 11 million websites and email services.

Welcome to Cyberwar

To end the pile of big news, today we knew the USA Army has admitted for the first time they are fighting in the cybernectic territory against the Islamic State. Concretely, military hackers would be launching attacks to overload or interrupt enemy computing and mobile communications.  Their main objective would be the propaganda device established on Internet by IS, as well as their logistic and communications with commands and attacking units.

Hack the Pentagon

We keep talking about the American army because the Pentagon have just published an interesting initiative for hackers; "Hack The Pentagon". In exchange of a reward for the winner, unknown yet, the Pentagon invites to the national cybersecurity experts to break their defenses. Is the first time, as we know, that a government proposes this kind of challenges. Until now, the "pentestings" on the Pentagon were made only by the so called "red teams".

Definetely today is a day of interesting news, we wish to our readers enjoy their day.


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