Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Facebook and Disney ads infect your computer with malware

Be careful when visiting sites like Facebook, Disney or "The Guardian" journal: Their ads hide the worst actual virus, the fearsome ransomware, which encrypts all your computer files and ask a rescue to decryption. We'll talk about some news generated by the RSA Conferece which started yesterday and will last until Thursday.

The ransomware notification on Facebook, Disney or "The Guardian" ads emerged yesterday thanks to a Cloud Web Security product, which monitors the navigation habits and detects if the users navigate in malicious domains. The researchers detected that many users felt in malicious webs, where they were infected, from domains like  “apps.facebook.com,” “awkwardfamilyphotos.com,” “theguardian.co.uk” y “go.com",  property of Disney,
among others.

Encryption study

And talking about ransomware, which encrypts files without the owner authorization, we are going to talk of the opposite, to talk about the file encryption with the owner authorization, as a basic cybersecurity way. In the RSA Conference it has been presented the 2016 Global Encryption Trends Study by Ponemon, where they ensure that the majority organizations are sending their sensible data to the cloud, the place with the most encryption need.

IBM acquires Schneier

We keep talking of the RSAC because there has been announced one of the most interesting acquisitions of the moment, when the good business march of the cybersecurity is making a high number of companies purchasings. But this time is special and that's why we talk about it, because it is an acquisition of giant companies: IBM has acquired Resilient System, which CTO is the cybersecurity guru Bruce Schneier. 

HackerOne interview

We finish with another RSAC event, in this case an interesting interview on "The Register" to Marten Mickros, CEO of HackerOne company, dedicated to buy cybersecurity fails to worldwide hackers. Recommended.


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