Monday, March 28, 2016

Cyberattacks against hospitals are increasingly in a daily basis

In the last weeks, different ransomware virus have attacked hospitals, leaving important services disabled. The cyberunsecurity in medical centers is an increasingly serious matter and it needs an urgent review. We'll expand this information as well as a cyberattack reported by Verizon against something it's even more frightening: a water utility company. We'll drive to the end with an interesting interview about exploit-kits.

In the last weeks, a ransomware wave has focused against different USA hospitals, leaving them knocked out: the Methodist hospital from Kentucky, the Chinese Valley medical center from California among others. In the Methodist hospital the intern emergency was declared. The ransomware was Locky, one of the newest and specially dangerous ransomwares.

Null cybersecurity in hospitals

But the ransomware isn't the only menace in hospitals: badly protected systems suffering non-authorized accesses, badly constructed or configured instruments, incorrectly protected databases. More than one cybersecurity expert have proved recently how easy it is to take a random hospital and attack it.

Attack to treatment plant

But not only hospitals are in danger: talking about the public health matter, the Verizon's last report about breaches explains how a hacker group got access into a water utility plant and manipulated the water treatment systems. The company, according to the report, had old systems, with many critical vulnerabilities.


To reduce the tension, if we can, we finish with an interesting interview to Nick Biasini, Cisco engineer, about exploit-kits and malware campaigns via mail. Biasini will present a chat about this matter in the next HITB convention, on Amsterdam the May 26th of 2016.


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