Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Apple wins the fight against the FBI

It's the undisputed new of the day: the US Justice Department has announced they will withdraw legal actions against Apple, after the FBI had unlocked the iPhone of a terrorist, the task they demanded Apple´s help for. We'll also talk about an alert in the Truecaller app, a new fraud using the traffic data and a new step in the terrible ransomware evolution.

The struggle between Apple and the FBI has been tough and it clearly proved the confrontation between the technological industry and the US government. The government ensure the solution only applies to the terrorist iPhone, something many people question. From the large amount of articles generated by this news, we choose an Oren Falkowitz's editorial article, NSA former employee, who puts the situation in an interesting context.

Update Truecaller

We keep talking about smartphones because our today second news is about a smartphone app, Truecalle, which would have been downloaded hundred million times. A security firm has discovered it has an important failure affecting the user's privacy: anyone with the IMEI of the device can access to all the personal information. It's crucial to update the app to solve it.

Fake fine

We move from the mobile matter to warn about a new fraud detected on the US: somebody sends an email which seems a traffic fine sent by the police, asking the victim to pay online in the web of the email. The fine is fake, but it includes correct information about the vehicle, the car license plate, speed, place, and the infraction hour, and that's why we suspect the fraudsters would have gotten access to some traffic app information.

Ransomware encrypting hard drives

And we finish, unfortunately, with bad news: the ransomware plague continues, improving its specimens. A cybersecurity company has analyzed a ransomware called Petya and it simulates to make a scan to a hard drive on Windows, when actually it's encrypting the file master table. Different German companies have suffered this attack, and it's impossible to recover from it.


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