Monday, March 14, 2016

Antivirus no longer want to decode ransomware for free

The first known ransomware for Mac OS X has a defect which allows to recover the key used to encrypt the files of 6.500 victims. It was discovered by the Russian company Dr. Web, which will offer the key only to their clients. We'll expand this info, as well as the data robbery to volunteers and the money robbery to the Bangladesh Central Bank. Finally, we'll recommend the read of an exclusive interview with the cybercriminal GhostShell.

The first Mac ransomware, KeRanger, is based in the first Linux ransomware. It has a design failure inherited by KeRanger. It has been discovered by the antivirus companies BitDefender and Mr. Web but, unlike the time when the Linux ransomware or previous cases were discovered, Dr. Web won't offer the decode password freely to everybody, just to clients who pay their licenses.

Along with ransomware, the data robbery is the star of the great cybercrimes, but this time the cybercriminals had had it very easy: the famous website had, by a failure on its web, the emails of its volunteers accessible. Someone discovered it, robbed the addresses and he has dedicated to write to the volunteers offering them a job. Curious way to hire talent.

Robbery on Bangladesh

We started the weekend as we finished the past week: talking about the amazing robbery to the Bangladesh Central Bank where, with typing errors included, the thieves would have stolen 81 million dollars. They made it ordering different transfers in the SWIFT system, which means they had the credentials to do it. According to the researchers, a malware installed few weeks earlier in the bank systems would have helped them to get the credentials and, also, to learn how the bank personnel work.

Talking with GhostShell

We finish recommending the reading of a shocking interview. The interviewed is GhostShell, a famous Romanian hacker who, in the last 3 years, has been focused on robbing databases to everybody and spying worldwide governments, from USA to Japan, going through China. GhostShell explains in the interview how he created the term "Dark hacktivism" for the "hacktivism in the cybernetic war level". The interview has a final surprise which we prefer not telling to our patient readers.


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