Friday, March 4, 2016

An error configurating the GPS led two Israeli soldiers to Palestine

Today we have a couple of very real security stories, in the sense of their effects belong to real world. We're talking about an app which "mislead" Isreali soldiers and took them to Palestinian territory, as well as maritime pirates hacking navy companies to know which are the best ships to attack. We'll talk also about DDoS attacks and the actual congress on Madrid, RootedCON.

Monday night, two Israeli soldiers entered accidentally in a Palestinian refugee camp and were attacked. Quickly their partners rescued them and in the battle two Palestinian were dead. This wouldn't have happened if the soldiers wouldn't went wrong with their GPS app: they asked it the quickest way to their destination, but they forgot to specify not to pass by Palestinian territory. Critical mistake in war times.

Hacker pirates

Another curious story is placed in the Malaysian sea, where the pirates are hacking navy company's systems to discover which ships carry the best loads to attack them. The company which denounced Verizon had suffered already several attacks, which reconstruction proved the pirates aren't good hackers... but anyways the trick is worth for them.

DDoS Rentin 

Now we introduce in the computing network world to ask ourselves: How much does a DDoS cost? To a company victim of this type of attack, it can cost 500.000 dollars per minute in damages on the average, but the cost for the attackers is quite less according to an Arbor Networks research: 60 daily dollars is the price of rent in the black market a DDoS attack infrastructure.


We drive to the end recommending to our readers visiting, if they didn't did it already, the cybersecurity congress RootedCON, celebrating on Madrid, as well the post-congress FAQin Congress which, despite of being private, will open its doors to public in a party on Saturday night

On our part we recommend to our readers visiting us on Sunday, when we'll publish a really interesting interview to one of the greatest Spanish hackers: Leonardo Nve.


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