Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A ransomware attacks the biggest US health fund. Why?

The ransomware campaign against sanitary institutions in USA has targeted 
a precious prey: MedStar, the biggest USA health organization. Why? We'll explain it. We'll also talk about how Mattel lost 3 million dollars and what have been printed at the same time by thousands printers.

Although yesterday it wasn't given enough importance, today "The Washington Post" shows the size of the ransomware attack against MedStar Health, infecting 10 hospitals and 250 external consultation centers, where the employees keep without access to their email and to different tasks. The attack has affected to the MedStar patient central database: now it is possible to read the information, but without updating or modifying it.

Ransomware infects JBoss

This is the jackpot of a campaign which we can consider terrorist and it is attacking US hospitals for weeks. The experts have discovered some attacks can be provoked by a ransomware created to attack hospital systems concretely, using a failure in the JBoss web servers. And why hospitals? According to an "Ars Technica" expert it is because the cybersecurity is absence.

Mattel is defrauded

Good part of the worldwide companies are in similar situation, as is proved in the Mattel incident: someone has stolen 3 million dollars to the famous corporation, through a phishing attack called "Fraud to CEO". Someone sent an email to a Mattel executive, simulating being the CEO of the company and ordering him to make a transfer to a Chinese seller.

Antisemitic printers

And we have to watch out and don't rely on... even the printer. Andrew Auernheimer discovered thousands printers around the world had the 9100 port without authentication. To prove it, he has assaulted thousands of them and he made them print antisemitic brochures. Precisely printers with failures were an important element in the recent robbery suffered by the Bangladesh Central Bank.

We don't want to leave without remembering you that tomorrow is the World Backup Day. As the cartoon  says: "Don't forget to take your superminerals". And we add: Make your backups.


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