Monday, March 21, 2016

A brutal DDoS attack forces to close Swedish journal websites

The online editions of the main Swedish journals have been under a "serious and dangerous" attack this weekend. We'll expand this information, as well as the new dangers for Android and iPhones. To end, we'll talk about the measures adopted by MITRE to improve the vulnerabilities notification: they have only lasted a day.

The attacks against Swedish media forced them to close their online editions for a few hours, between 8 and 11 pm. Just before the attack, it was opened a Twitter account, @_notJ, which first tweet said: "The following days attacks against the Swedish government and media spreading false propaganda will be targeted. A second tweet ensured that "this is what happens when you spread false propaganda".

275 millions in danger

We finished the past week talking about cybersecurity on smartphones and, unfortunately, we start this Monday with the same matter: Google has quickly published a patch for a vulnerability which affects to 275 millions Android smartphones, concretely from the 2.2 version to 4.0, 5.0 and 5.1. Despite of the vulnerability is new, it is located in the same library attacked by "Stagefright" and, we don't know why, Google didn't finish to securize it. Now it's time to patch.

0day on iOS

Meanwhile, on Apple House, a university professor and his students have embarrassed iOS: a 0day allows to decode intercepted iMessages and even discover the key to see encrypted videos and photos on iCloud. Luckily, the attacks is hard to reproduce and, according to the professor Matthew Green, it would be restricted to elite attackers, of "national-state" level.

Bugs avalanche

We finish with a common matter and a problem to the researcher's community: the MITRE database for indexing all the discovered vulnerabilities is working worse. Some researchers proposed an alternative solution but MITRE preferred launching its own pilot test that.. has only lasted one day.


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