Wednesday, February 3, 2016

USA can't spy european citizien... or that is what they say

Unite States and Europe have reached an agreement in the last minute of the set time to find a solution to the break of the Safe Harbor agreement, concerning to the data exchange between both territories. We'll explain the details and, also, today is a day of great bugs: On Wordpress, on eBay and on Socat.

The agreement expand the points of Safe Harbor: in addition to pact the data traffic conditions between Unite States and Europe, the continent compromises to not spying in a massive way to their citizens and forces the United States to do the same. The agreement is unprecedented and, also, forces to create an organism to ensuring compliance with the same. It sounds pretty good.

Aggressive malware on Wordpress

What doesn't sound so good is the amount of black holes that we'll talk about today. On one hand, they warn of a "massive" ad campaign which infects sites created with the WordPress platform and their visitors. The worst part is that many conscious webmaster who are cleaning their sites are suffering constant re-infections. Careful with that.

eBay doesn't solved a bug

Who also should be careful are the users of the popular second hand store, eBay. A researcher warned to eBay the December 15th about a serious failure which allowed to make phising to their visitors. eBay said two weeks ago that they aren't going to solved it. Come and watch it.

Backdoor on Socat?

We finish with a hole that would be a backdoor, according to its discoverers, located in a open code program to detect and repair failures on network apps: Socat, a variant of the famous Netcat. The bug would allow to third persons to intercept the monitoring traffic of the tool.

A dizzying day of computing failures, something we should get used because, as the theorist Jeimy Cano says, without failure there's no improvement and learning.


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